​Vision: Bringing America’s First Motorcycle to Northern Colorado

​Vision: Bringing America’s First Motorcycle to Northern Colorado

For a true motorcycle enthusiast, riding is an obsession, an addiction, a lifestyle and a religion. Second only to breathing, riding provides an adrenaline rush unmatched by any other hobby or interest. The most die-hard fanatics are made up of a select few who’ve managed to turn their passion into an enterprising business. They have a steadfast vision that only fellow motorcyclists can understand. It is this vision that has led to the success of two of Colorado’s most prominent dealerships: Fort Collins Motorsports and Indian Motorcycle of Fort Collins.

For 22 years, Brian Harris, Founder and CEO of both Fort Collins Motorsports and Indian Motorcycle of Fort Collins, has been living his vision. Harris has built a team of passionate individuals who share his enthusiasm for providing each customer with the experience of the road, no matter what that road is.

Born in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Harris spent his childhood obsessed with motorcycles; riding a 1969 Yamaha 125 MX along the railroad tracks in his early teens to taking a position as an assembly mechanic for a local Yamaha shop at the ripe age of 14 years old. As he grew older, Harris’ obsession evolved to include long distance off-road racing with some of his wins including the 1989 Baja 1000 and the 1986 ARA #1.

“My dad always wanted me to be a lawyer or a doctor, things I wasn’t interested in at all,” said Harris. “One day, while living in California, I was walking through a surf shop and saw a guy making a surfboard. I thought to myself, these guys come to work and build surfboards and then they get to surf everyday. Why couldn’t I do the same with motorcycles?”

Harris and his wife moved to Fort Collins, Colo., in 1993 to raise a family and build what is now one of the largest motorsport dealerships in the state.

Recently celebrating 22 years in business, Fort Collins Motorsports is a dealership for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts. With its extensive selection of used and new motorcycles, side by sides, ATVs and UTVs, it is the type of dealership that caters to any type of motorsport aficionado.

In 2015, Fort Collins Motorsports underwent construction adding an exclusive Indian Motorcycle showroom and bringing Indian Motorcycle of Fort Collins to Northern Colorado. This is the only place to test-ride and buy Indian Motorcycles in Northern Colorado and is one of only three dealers in the state.

“Indian doesn’t just represent a motorcycle, it represents the history of the industry being the original American motorcycle built in 1901, and we’re proud to bring this iconic brand to Northern Colorado,” said Harris.

With 20 successful years of Fort Collins Motorsports under his belt and the first anniversary of Indian Motorcycle of Fort Collins on the books, Harris is nothing short of proud of the legacy he has created in Northern Colorado.

“At the end of the day, I am proud of our exceptional team, the brands we represent, and the 22 years of serving our loyal customers.”