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​Fort Collins is an Outstanding Area for Hiking and Biking

Fort Collins Hiking

Fort Collins is an Outstanding Area for Hiking and Biking

Fort Collins boasts beautiful weather, relatively flat terrain and accommodating bike lanes and trails that follow along Poudre River and Spring Creek. There are many other trails to be discovered and enjoyed, too. In fact, Fort Collins has more than 285 miles of trails! Getting out into a natural environment by biking is healthy and relaxing and provides beautiful scenery.

A trip to nearby Lory State Park or Horsetooth Mountain Open Space also provides mountain biking trails for people with nearly every skill level of mountain biking. The foothills trails provide breathtaking scenery and vistas and still provide a nice biking challenge. It is no wonder that Fort Collins is considered an incredibly bike-friendly city. A trip to downtown Fort Collins will surely find you in the company of many avid bikers!

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Fort Collins also boasts a Bicycle Library, located in the Downtown Transit Center, which lends out bicycles to both visitors and residents. There are even a number of self-guided bike tours available, including a historic homes tour, a brewery tour and an environmental learning tour. Take advantage of the Bike Library and get to know the Fort Collins area in a more in-depth way.

Some of the best hiking in all of Colorado can be found in the Fort Collins area. Whether you choose Lory State Park, Horsetooth Rock or Coyote Ridge Natural Area, you will find an abundance of beautiful sites. One trail that is very popular with hikers is Horsetooth Rock. The trail is a little more than 6 miles and typically takes one to three hours to complete. If you are lucky enough, you might catch the Horsetooth waterfalls that spring up at different times of the year. Deer are frequently spotted in the area and if you hike at dusk or early evening, you will also get a good view of the city lights.

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Coyote Ridge is an excellent place to hike and it also ideal for mountain bikers with intermediate to expert level experience. Hikers will be greeted with walls of foothills rock formations reaching out to the horizon. It is a an great hike for an in-and-out trip just for the day, or if you are looking for something a bit longer, the trail also connects to the Rimrock and Blue Sky trails, offering a multi-day experience.

For additional hiking and biking information, plus a detailed business directory for Fort Collins, visit www.fortcollins.com.

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