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Fort Collins is a Brewery Wonderland

Fort Collins Rocky Mountains Snow Beer

Fort Collins is a Brewery Wonderland

Boasting over 25 breweries in the region and housing the most microbreweries of any state in the country, Fort Collins, CO is an optimal destination for anywhere between a grand tour of award-winning craft beers or kicking back with a quality pint all year-round. The gorgeous snowy Rocky Mountain scenery and Cache de Poudre river will captivate your eyes, as well as provide our local breweries the best frosty conditions to craft an excellent variety of beer.

Many of these memorable visits begin in the Old Town Historic District of Fort Collins, featuring lively local festivals, free music events, and fascinating historic attractions-- it is the home of leading breweries such as New Belgium Brewing and the Odell Brewing Company, as well as local favorites like Big Horn Brewery, Rally King Brewing, Coppersmiths, Pateros Creek, Black Bottle Brewery, Equinox Brewing, Snowbank Brewing Company, Horse and Dragon Brewing Company, Jessup Farm Barrel House, grabbing brunch and a pint at the Fort Collins Brewery & Tavern, and many many more. Our breweries are often founded by local Fort Collins families, and often within a short walking distance from one another, all with a passion for brewing and supporting a friendly local community brought together by our unique Fort Collins beer culture.

Beer tours, tap rooms, and community events aplenty saturate the town in a variety of beer-related activities, including New Belgium’s annual Tour de Fat bike race featuring over 20,000 costumed riders (when they’re not parking their bikes at the bike-in movie theatres downtown, that is), as well as beer festivals such as the nationally famous Colorado Brewer’s Festival featuring breweries from across the state and over a 100 different choices of beer!

Don’t be overwhelmed! Fort Collins also hosts a variety of guided bus tours, brews cruises, and local walkabouts hosted by Magic Bus Tours to show you the way to the best breweries in town. Whether you’re a visitor or a local citizen of Fort Collins looking for something new, you are in for a wild ride into one of the very best brewery hometowns in America as you embark on a journey through the wonderland of microbreweries and craft beer. It is no wonder that Disney World’s very own Main Street, U.S.A. is based on our beautiful Fort Collins locale and and rich town history.

Even our esteemed Colorado State University of Fort Collins facilitates the passion of our students by providing a degree program in Fermentation Science and Technology, featuring industry professionals educating the science of fermenting food and beverages, scientific and technological development, and leading industry knowledge. Workshops and certificates in Beverage Business Management taught by beverage experts and providing the entrepreneurial expertise of industry leaders of malt beverages, wines, and spirits combine the passion of our students with the academic know-how to become the next top industry professionals in America’s beer scene.

A brewer’s haven, Fort Collins is famous for featuring a quality variety of IPAs, is the ruler of Saison, and will take you on an adventure into sours at Funkwerks, local oddities like Count Chocola beer from Black Bottle Brewery, or just relaxing at on the patio with fellow beer-lovers with hand-picked flights at the Fort Collins Brewery & Tavern. Our community has a passion for doing what we love and know, and welcome visitors from around the world to experience our love for crafting quality beer and host an experience so grand, you’d write home about it.

Stop by and take a tour, visit our tap rooms for tastings, enjoy a pint (or five) and experience one of America’s best locations for beer aficionados nation-wide! Cheers!

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