Demographics of Fort Collins


Fort Collins, Colorado is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to live. There are many things to consider before moving here. However, you will be among a community of diverse people in a city that has much to offer individuals and families.

Housing is a main factor to consider if someone is considering moving to Fort Collins. The average price for a home is $169,600. While this is not a bargain basement price, it is extremely affordable and reasonable. There are many other options including renting an apartment or condo. So, finding affordable housing is not going to be an issue. Jobs are fairly abundant since it is a military town. The average medium annual income for the area is $44,469. This is fairly decent amount to be earning each year, considering there are many cities in the United States where income is drastically lower.

Jobs are definitely available in Fort Collins and there are a variety of jobs available depending on what type of career field you are in. Approximately 72.4 percent of the population is in the workforce and 5.5 percent of families are living below the national poverty level. This is considerably a low percentage compared to other parts of the country. On average, most people are doing well when it comes to earning a living. The unemployment rate in the area is typically very low.

As far as population, there are 118,652 people who live in the city of Fort Collins and 50.2 percent of them are male and under the age of 65. The average age of those living in the area is around 28 years of age. In terms of race, 92 percent of residents are Caucasian. As for other races, only 1.4 percent is African American, 1.3 percent is either Alaskan Native or Native American and 8.8 percent of the people living there are of Hispanic origin. Asians make up just 3.2 percent of the city’s population. Education levels vary also with 16.4 percent of the citizens having obtained just a high school diploma and 30 percent having earned a bachelor’s degree. For a complete guide to the city and a listing of businesses, visit