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Join us for an evening blending science, music and wine reception featuring the CSU Atmospheric Sciences Professor Scott Denning and members of the Miami String Quartet plus clarinetist Deborah Marshall at Block One Events. Doors open at 6:00pm.
Science Speaker: Scott Denning, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences Department, CSU
Science Program: Despite what you’ve heard, the science behind climate change is simple: when more heat is added to things than removed from them, they warm up! Adding CO2 to the air by burning carbon warms the Earth for precisely the same reason day is warmer than night, summer is warmer than winter, and Miami is warmer than Minneapolis. Left unchecked, climate change will certainly become the most serious problem in the world. But climate change is solvable! We must learn to live well without wasting energy, and we must make energy without setting carbon on fire. Critically, we have to do this in time for billions of people to climb out of poverty in the next two generations. Our children’s fate flows not from what we dig from the ground, but rather from the sweat of our brows and the sparks in our souls!
Music: Music by Holocaust victim Erwin Schulhoff is the centerpiece of a concert showing a wide range of styles from the Romanticism of Dvorak to the the rock-jazz-inspired music of Henryson.
Artists: Miami String Quartet (Benny Kim and Cathy Meng Robinson, violin; Scott Lee, viola; Keith Robinson, cello). Deborah Marshall, clarinet.
Music Program:

Antonin Dvorak Miniatures for two violins and viola Op. 75a (1887) – Cavatina, Capriccio, Romance, Elegy
Astor Piazzolla – Six Tango-Etudes for solo violin, No. 3 and 4 (1987)
Svante Henryson – Off Pist for clarinet and cello (1995)
Carter Brey – Tango para Ilaria for solo cello (1997)
Erwin Schulhoff – Duo for violin and cello (1925), Moderato, Zingaresca, Andantino, Moderato-Allegro deciso

Ticket includes food and wine reception.

  • When: Tue Jul. 17
    6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

  • Address: 428 Linden Street
    Fort Collins CO,US 80524

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